Rough Cut Nation Auction

Just a wee heads up, recently posted about the Rough Cut Nation exhibition at the Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

This is the last week to see the street-art takeover. On the last day they're going to cut down sections, large and small and they'll go to the highest bidder. Could be £2 - £2000, who knows....

There are pieces by some of the leading artists in Scotland so deffinately worth getting there, it'll be your chance to win a large bargainous painting, and a historical object.

If you want to see some flicks, go here.

Sunday 30th August 2pm, Portrait gallery, Queen street, Edinburgh.

Rough Cut Nation

If you haven't been yet, make sure you get there, sounds pretty smart, they gave over the Portrait Gallery to a group of artists, my sis, Kirsty Whiten, and a whole bunch of our pals made work for it. Only on till the 30th of August though so get your skates on.


As you know, the LA Bartenders ran our bar at Spin On This, and what a job they did, no complaints here! In return we are doing them a massive mural in their space, they sure know how to look after folk and fed us BBQ and cocktails and got us to bring down the mighty Chakka Chakumaki to play us tunes while we worked.
We're not quite finished but this is where we've got to. If you want to see some more flicks go to our Flickr.
We'll be sure to post it when its finished....



What really happened

After we painted those pipes at T in the Park, this is how they were enjoyed...

Rob Hunter and John Louden at DCA

If you thought their beardy characters we exhibited here last year were good, make sure to get to the DCA in Dundee to see this, awesome.


Thanks to our wonderful national postal service Pone's artwork for Spin On This has just arrived. It'll be up for the rest of the show if you want to check it out.

Artist: Pone
Title: The Scottish Chain
Price: £50



Better photies

Our lovely Polish friends took way better photos than us. Check them here.


Opened our celebratory 2nd anniversary exhibition last Friday, what a belter. Go to our Flickr to see all the bike inspired art, photos of the opening, the goody bags and tees, and the raffle bike.

First run


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