2nd Mixtape out for Fool's Gold

Rad.One on great form, mixtape here.

Casio GShock sweeties arrive, ya beauty!



As you'll see from widget to your right, we are now fully fledged Twatters, so 'Follow' us there if you are yourself a Twatter too. See you there.


We just received our copy of Velo, featuring a couple of pages of artwork from our Spin on this show. As bike fans we are really pleased to be part of this project and if your into bikes or design on any level, this is a great collection of how one object can be interpreted in so many ways...

Go get it here!

Insa at Tate

Since we're just about to work with Insa again, thought this might interest a'b'dy....

DJ Kokoro Mixtape for Tights and Leggings After Party

Inkie X Insa X Dr Sneaker X Pigeon Promotions X Recoat
This summer we're going on tour, taking Insa and Inkie to Warsaw for an exhibition on the 11th June. At the after party we have top DJs playing and we've asked each of them to make a mixtape so you hear what to expect! First one is out from dub step master, DJ Kokoro (Neo Tokyo Bass). Pigeon just loaded it up here, listen and enjoy!

Agents of Change

AOC0.3 - The Trailer from Agents Of Change on Vimeo.

Our buddy Derm just sent this over, some nice work from Agents of Change- it took 3 days with 7 artists, 1 cameraman, 125 cans of Monster color paint, 1 spray gun, 2 scafhold towers, 2 ladders, 1 live feed, 3 packets of coffee, 2 packets of Hobnobs, quite a few Hoegaardens and Baccardi Gold, and a touch of elbow grease.

Alphanauts exhibition Movie

Alphanauts Exhibition by Foundlight from Recoat on Vimeo.

Alan Stockdale at Foundlight has put this amazing wee film together for the LA Group from the show we did with them a few weeks back. Good work man!

Great Western Laymen

Friend of the fam, Rudi Zygadlo has just had his debut album, Great western laymen released on Planet Mu Records. The artwork for the album was created by Recoat regular Russell Dempster. So go support two great Scottish talents and BUY IT NOW!

Fool's Gold goes Live

Inkie X Insa X Dr Sneaker X Pigeon Promotions X Recoat
We are live! Fool's Gold is online now. We are Road Trippin' this summer with the mighty Inkie and Insa, painting in London, Brussels and Berlin and then launching an exhibition in Warsaw, all in a week. Also holding beauty of an after party, we'll be releasing mix tapes from each of the djs in the lead up to us leaving. Check out how the project unfolds on the main website here. And follow us on Facebook here or Central Station here.
Whoop whoop!!

Bristol 2- Glasgow 1

Secret Wars on Friday, away to Bristol, Bristol won 2-1, but Glasgow happy to take the point. Met some lovely folks there. Also checked out the Art From The New World show at the Bristol Museum, even met Gary Baseman, amazing. Also popped in on a few wee galleries and managed a paint. Quality weekend, Brizzle is ace!

Bristol Road Trippin

Secret Wars in Bristol tonight at Start the Bus from 8pm. We're Road Trippin it down in the Cube with the team- Smug, Conzo and Vues. Whoop whoop. Glasgow to win. See you there!

Summer Project....

Just you wait....


Flyer front- SPIN ON THIS
Flyer back- SPIN ON THIS
For those who don't remember we held a bike themed exhibition called Spin On This last summer for our second anniversary. The Gestalten publishing company have just compiled a beauty of a new book all about bikes and cycling called Velo, and they selected our flyer from our show to feature in it. Delighted! Its out in the UK this month. More details here.

Sleight of Hand Opens

Last Friday we opened Sleight of Hand, an eclectic group show from an international collection of artists. You can view all of the artwork and photos from the opening here. And all the artwork still available can be bought here. Its a cracker of a show, hope to see you down here before the 4th of June when it closes. Cheers to everyone who made it down for the opening.

Opening Fri 7th- Be There!

Watching the news now, not feeling great, things not looking too rosey!
But then I look at this piece by Nylon and I feel cheery again! What a cracker!
This piece and lots more to brighten your weekend in Sleight of Hand, opens this Friday night 7-10pm. Come down, see the great artwork, have a beer and check out Mike Inglis's quality paste ups. AddFuelToTheFire, Angelique Houtkamp, Jacob Smith, Mike Egan, Microbo, Mr Jago, Mike Inglis, Phil Ashcroft, Vinnie Nylon.



Sleight of Hand in just a week!

“Sleight of Hand” is a group exhibition that will open on the 7th of May, 7-10pm. The exhibition will be an eclectic one, pulling together artists that come from very different backgrounds and with different styles from all over the world.

Showing is Bristol based, world famous street artist, Mr Jago, now creating vibrant, organic, abstract paintings. These will sit well alongside another international exhibitor, Phil Ashcroft’s angular, graphic paintings. Juxtaposing these styles will be works from the female Sicilian street artist, Microbo, her works a mash of organic, intertwining shapes in pastel colours.

Scottish street artist, Mike Inglis’ simple figurative pieces that explore emotions and rituals that surround grief, death and loss will hang next to the works of ex-funeral home embalmer, and Michigan based artist, Mike Egan’s Southern American inspired paintings with prints from world renowned Dutch tattoo artist, Angelique Houtkamp with their typical, dark yet feminine imagery.

The last three artists could each be classed as Pop artists, all flirting with pop culture, poking fun at or expressing admiration for iconic symbols and imagery within their work. Paintings from Scottish painter Jacob Smith will hang with prints from Portuguese illustrator, AddFuelToTheFire and paintings from prolific street and graphic artist, Vinnie Nylon*.

Check out the artist's artwork here.

James Jarvis and Swanski at Dr Sneaker

James Jarvis and Swanski were at the opening of Dr Sneaker in Warsaw last week, looks like a great show and interesting store. Looks like James picked up an interesting flyer here eh?
See all of Jakub Sleczka's photos of the interviews, live paint and opening here.

Alphanauts Success

Thanks to everyone who came down to our Alphanuts show last week. Was a huge success, a sell out show, fantastic!
Photo courtesy of mateos.ownlog.com


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