Apartness- 4th Feb 2011

Our next exhibition opens on the 4th of February 7-10pm. Its called Apartness, a showcase of the genre Pop Surrealism with paintings drawings and prints from 7 different artists. The work looks amazing, really bright and colourful and wierd, will be a really great show. You can see some of the work here. If you miss the opening you can pop in anytime between 12-6pm Tues to Sun till the 6th of March to check it out. See you then.

Apartness- 4th Feb 2011

We’ve brought together a group of 7 artists to showcase Pop Surrealism as a genre in our first exhibition of 2011. The exhibition is called ‘Apartness’.

The selected artists are excellent examples of the genre and include three Scottish front-runners; Michael Forbes, and Pamela and Erlend Tait. We’re taking the opportunity to showcase some amazing up and coming UK artists, Tristram Aver, Andrew Ingram and Heart Throb and we’re proud to have the opportunity to show young yet prolific American artist, Matt Dangler.

The works will be large, bright, complicated, dark, funny, scary and technically stunning. A great show to beat the winter blues.

The opening is the 4th Feb 2011 7-10pm. It then runs till the 6th of March.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Recoat Pals! Sorry we've been out of contact, just catching a much needed break from it all. We'll be back in full effect on the 4th of Feb for our new show. Untill then Recoat is CLOSED I'm afraid. See you in a few weeks!


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