Paint in stock!

Oooooo that's hot, that's a full rack of paint folks, stacked full of all sortsa colours and hunners of silver and gold. Only £3.50 a can you say and 3 for £10? Kablamo!

Mark Lyken on 12ozProphet

Mark Lyken was featured on 12ozProphet today. Go check it out along with the new film that came out about the XOYO show he had in London last year with Gamma Proforma.

Kirsty Whiten- Breeder Badlands

Team Recoat member, Kirsty Whiten, opens an exhibition of prints and her collection of amazing paintings at the Edinburgh Printmakers on the 14th January. Don't miss this show, will be mega! You can read more in this List interview.

Happy New Year

We would like to thank everybody who helped us to make 2011 so successful and fulfilling.

We achieved so much this year, from forming Team Recoat and doing our first print run, to the Rudimentary Perfection exhibition and Murals, to taking part in the Nottingham Street Art Festival to painting cars in Inverness...

We've been very lucky to take part in so many varied and exciting projects, none of which could of happened without generous help from so many people. The Artists, volunteers, sponsors, buyers, supporters, there are too may people to list here. You know who you are... A massive thank you from us.

Here's to another great year in 2012!

Cheers, Amy and Ali.

Now go work off the last of those hangovers to this!


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