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Mark Lyken on 12oz Prophet

Team Recoat member, Mark Lyken, just got featured on 12oz Prophet, alotalove right there, 5 pages of info, links, and images. Well deserved for all that hard graft he's been putting in. Keep your eyes/ ears peeled for his next couple of projects, he's playing live at the Berkley Suite this Friday, heading over to Belfast to paint a Gable End with Gamma this weekend before starting his prep for his 3 month long residency up in Inverness this summer chasing seals about in a boat....

Fine Art of Tailoring

The Fine Art of Tailoring is a fashion collaboration from Camille Lorigo, Mark Lyken and Jennie Dear. According to the website, "the trio have seen alot of hype in their day" so We'll not say too much about this fantastic new project other than go now and check out thefineartoftailoring.com and some hype from 12oz and Clutter...

Power Power II opens tomorrow!

Go check out the Event Page on FB and read more about Maya Wild here.

Graffuturism Recap

Graffuturism have done a lovely recap on the The Loneliness Machines Show from Mark Lyken, go check it out....


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