David Galletly Studio Visit

On the 1st of Feb we open "Wee", a solo exhibition from David Galletly. This weekend we popped over to his studio to take a look at how he is getting on. To see more photos check out this page. To find out more about the opening visit the event page.

David's Bio-

Hello. I'm originally from Stirling, a small city in Scotland. I attended high school, went to college and, in 2004, graduated with a BA in graphic design. Soon afterwards, I returned to my first love of drawing and began exhibiting my personal artwork in various group exhibitions. I slowly built up my freelance illustration business while paying the bills with various other jobs and made the shift to working for myself full time in early 2012. I currently live with my wife Alex in Glasgow, where I work from my home studio.

During a typical week, most of my time is spent on freelance illustration / design commissions for publications and individuals. I been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the years and I'm very happy to have the opportunity to earn a living by creating artwork.

For the past year, I have been the illustrator for Mary HK Choi's column in the US edition of WIRED magazine. I also occasionally help out with the graphic design and art direction at Fence Records. Recently, I have designed a limited edition Aberfeldy label for Dewars and created an illustrated overview of Scotland for the social network, Kiltr.

I am a member of Team Recoat, a collection of artists based in Scotland put together by Recoat Gallery here in Glasgow’s West End. As an artist, I have exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions both in the UK and overseas.

West End Bestiary- Kirsty Whiten Solo Show

On the 8th of March we’re excited to be opening a solo show from one of our Team Recoat members, Kirsty Whiten. She’s revisiting her Schemie Centaurs Imagery to create a new series of drawings, paintings, and paste-ups.
“West End Bestiary- Half-human beasts of legend, collected and dissected for your amazement.”
She’s reconstructing myth and imagining awe-inspiring creatures of old in a modern context; centaurs - half man, half horse, heroic and muscular, caught up in the trenches of WW1, or even the backstreets of Glasgow, where they sport baseball caps, down bottles of beer and flick the V's at us.
Kirsty has exhibited all over the world from London to New York and Melbourne. Her last show, Breeder Badlands, was at Stolespace in London and led to a series of lithographs co-published by Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop in 2012. Her warped imagery has been featured in magazines such as Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose and art blogs worldwide. Her massive paste ups were an important part of the Rough Cut Nation installation at the National Portrait Gallery and at their recent Freedom Versions in Stirling.
We'll be open 12-6pm Tues to Sun till the 7th April.

TLG interview with Kirsty Whiten

TLG just did a wee interview with Kirsty Whiten, go check it out and share it. Kirsty is exhibiting with us next month.

Pecha Kucha Talk at the Lighthouse

We've been invited to talk at the next Pecha Kucha, its at the Lighthouse next Wed at 6pm. Hope to see you there. Event here.

David Galletly Solo Show opens 1st Feb

Facebook event here.

David Galletly Solo Show- "Wee"

On 1st Feb 7-10pm we open our first show of 2013, “Wee” an exhibition from a member of Team Recoat, an exciting show from Scottish Illustrator, and Recoat regular/ hot fave, David Galletly.

David has exhibited in group and solo shows across the UK, internationally in cities like Philadelphia and Zurich aswell as at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He has most recently been illustrating for Mary HK Choi's column in the US edition of WIRED magazine, creating graphic design at Fence Records, designing a limited edition Aberfeldy label for Dewars and creating an illustrated overview of Scotland for the social network, Kiltr.

“Wee” is a collection of his distinctive, often humorous pen and ink drawings, a series of mosaics and he’ll also be creating drawings on the walls of the space.

Galletly’s work toys with many mixed themes that are playful yet often have an underlying darkness. His drawings are pain-stakingly detailed with layers of pattern and texture created to confuse the eye as to the scale of the subject matter. This enjoyment in playing with size is the reason for the exhibition’s title.


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