Erms and Eko show

Bricks & Sticks & Mortar

“Bricks & Sticks & Mortar” opens at Recoat on the 2nd of November, 7-10pm, a joint show from internationally exhibited artists, Eko and Erms. With more than 20 years’ experience within the UK graffiti scene, this exhibition will be their first show together. Their shared history, respect for each other’s work and the similar themes that run through their pieces, brings them together for this important exhibition.

With deep roots in the classical graffiti tradition, the pair explore new graphical possibilit
ies beyond the constraints of lettering alone. Drawing inspiration from their environments, their pieces have a dream-like feel, each exploring a unique graphic universe, with fairytale landscapes and unfamiliar constructions that hint at their internal worlds.

The show is a collection of brand new originals. The pair will be creating murals at Recoat, aswell as producing a collaborative limited edition risograph print and a limited edition zine that will be available for sale throughout the show.

Departures Picture

We just opened Departures Picture by Chris MacFarlane at The Roxy 171. The work is very special and you should deffinately be popping along to see it! The work is for sale through Recoat so get in touch if anything takes your fancy....

Mac Premo Studio Visit by Chris MacFarlane

One of current exhibitors, Chris Macfarlane, recently paid a visit to fellow American collage artist Mac Premo's Brooklyn studio. Chris summed up the visit for us. Looks amazing! Chris' most recent collection 'Departures Picture' is on display at The Roxy 171, Glasgow. "Last summer on a trip to NYC, collage artist and reformed professional hoarder Mac Premo took a few hours out to let me visit his studio, have lunch and speak his mind on how the British have no idea of how to cook a burger. Mac talked me through a few projects new and old - Self Destructing Machines (work in prog) ; a curious yet poetic series of home-brew contraptions, designed to smash a filament light bulb as soon as it's lit. The Dumpster Project; The Mother of all collage work, an ambitious and possibly even cathartic vehicle for Mac's own vast collection of objects, ephemera and ability for story telling. With the sun beating down high over Brooklyn, we walked back from the lock-up that housed The Dumpster, swapped tales of folk who'd become trapped by the volume of stuff they'd collected and joked that could easily be us. We then sat down for a very decent burger. " 

Commonwealth Games is coming.....

Chris MacFalane Show at The Roxy 171

Departures Picture opens tomorrow night 7pm till late at the Roxy 171. It is a wee show from one of our regular exhibitors, Chris MacFarlane. The work is looking quality, so make sure to get down and enjoy it!

Castle Repaint

We've just discovered Castle Repaint, what an amazing company, they just donated loads of paint to various Community projects we are working on! They take unwanted paint and recycle it into new paint, they recycle paint they can't remix into fuel for cement mixers and for composting and the cans are recycled too. You can buy the new paint from them which is cheaper than your other brands and if you're a community project they will help you by gifting or giving you paint at discount rates. Go visit their site and Facebook to see and read more, or better yet go visit them, buy your paint from them, donate your old paint and support a really worthy organisation that is saving the planet while saving yourself a buck or two aswell.

Futurism 2.0

Gutted we weren't able to attend Gamma Proforma's Futurism 2.0 show in London, featuring a whole bunch of good friends from the Rudimentary Perfection show we held last year including of course, one of our closest friends and Team Recoater, Mark Lyken. Today is your last chance to see it so get yourself along to the Blackall Studio in London before 8pm. If you can't then Daniel Feral has done a great roundup on 12oz Prophet so you don't miss out!


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